Collaborative Business Consulting Pvt Ltd (CBC) is focused on providing quality IT solutions, that are adaptive and scalable to endure massive data processing capacity. Data Processing Experts at CBC are equipped to leverage maximum data processing capacity at minimum cost and we ensure that all the applications that go through the SDLC at our labs meet the highest quality standards. At CBC, we always strive for innovative methods of providing maximum value to our clients' businesses .

How we do it?

Collaborative Business Consulting (CBC) provides need based consulting solutions to clients. Our services are designed for enterprises that are looking to establish or scale up operations. We at CBC help you simplify day to day activities and complex business issues that challenge a business. The user friendly tools developed by CBC go through extensive quality controls at our in house labs, before being implemented.

  • We service across globe.
  • Product Support.
  • 100% Satisfied clients.
  • Best Analytics support.
  • Best Quality Service.

Why we do it?

Our focus is on providing premium services at affordable price. Unlike many other service providers, our team ensures all round support. Our aim is to save you both time and money. Our developers spend hours on each aspect of the tool, letting you focus on what matters - your business!


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How we got started

Collaborative Business Consulting (P) Ltd. was established in 2010 to help curb the skill gap for providing services to startups from Technology standpoint. CBC is a global solution provider in the fields of consulting, analytics, architecture, solution building and end to end implementations strategies. Our expertise lies in helping customer's access data as a strategic asset through a combination of advanced predictive techniques, state of the art technology and optimal data processing solutions.

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